Build an awesome remote work culture in Slack!Cheersly is a one stop shop to all your team's communication needs.
Boost your team's moraleCheersly allows users to quickly post "cheers" to a team member in acknowledgement of performance. Peer team members give each other "cheers" for work, teams gain real-time data on performance based on appreciation, and everyone begins to thrive a little more.
Conduct pollsAsk questions and receive insights that help you make a decision.
Share feedbackEncourage open and honest feedback, empower your team by valuing their input. Anonymity provides employees the freedom to express their opinions without having to face those mental blocks, getting at the truth of their sentiments.
Company valuesSupport your company's vision and shape its culture by defining company values.
Rewards 💰Create real-life perks and reward your team.
Build an awesome remote work culture!