Do you feel like you are working in isolation?

Do you feel that you are unappreciated?

We wanted to make appreciation a little fun. While the pandemic has been a little demanding and all of us pushed to remote work. We believe for most of the teams this is going to continue where remote work will be everything. Having said that, it often becomes a little boring while working from home (alone). We thought of building a Slack app that helps to share in some cheers with your peers and spread joy!

You should share in some cheers with your peers because it makes the recipient feel good about themselves and this can help to boost their performance. Cheersly provides the kind of positive experience or uplift that can increase people’s morale, motivation, engagement and renew their commitment to their organization.

By implementing gratitude into company culture, employees are more willing to spread their positive feelings with others, whether it’s helping out with a project or taking time to notice and recognizing those that have gone the extra mile.

Showing gratitude can increase a person’s wellness, increase better sleep habits, increase metabolism and lessen stress. This directly impacts work results and employee interaction. With employee appreciation, you’re not only boosting performance and engagement, but the employee’s well-being and health.

The greatest psychological effect of appreciation and gratitude is the happiness and other emotions immediately felt whether we’re giving or benefiting from. Gratitude creates good feelings, cheerful memories, better self-esteem, feeling more relaxed and more optimistic. All of these emotions creates a pay it forward and “we’re in this together” mentality in the workplace, which in turn, makes your organization more successful. Plus, the dopamine effect will encourage a continuous cycle of recognition if everyone participates. All of these emotions, plus many more, are what most employers want out of their staff to again, create unity.

According to a case study, most millennials quit because they feel no one said thank you, they feel unappreciated.

Let's make it a little easier for great millennial staff to stick around.