How to use Cheersly?

Cheersly will never post a message by itself. You can run commands or use the shortcut button within Slack to interact with it.

"/cheers" - To cheer your peers.

"/cheers poll" - Ask a question to your peers and get a poll (anonymous/non-anonymous).

"/cheers feedback" - Share feedback with your team (anonymous/non-anonymous).

"/cheers help" - Seek some help.

"/cheers onboard" - Get onboarding instructions.

Why am I not receiving any response in a channel from Cheersly?

This is because you haven't invited Cheersly to that channel in which you are expecting a response. Use the command "/invite @Cheersly" in the channel you wish to invite Cheersly to.

Please make sure that Cheersly is invited to that specific channel, before running a command.

Why am I not seeing the option to add, edit or delete company values or rewards in the app dashboard?

In order to be able to add, edit or delete company values or rewards from the app dashboard, you need to have admin rights on Cheersly. Please check with the admin of your Slack workspace or who actually installed the app. In order to give you admin rights, an existing admin can navigate to the app dashboard, click on the options list button on the top right corner (beside your name), select "Admin Settings".

How do I remove Cheersly from my Slack workspace?

Check out the Slack docs for detailed info on how to remove an app from your workspace.

What permissions does Cheersly have in my Slack workspace?

Cheersly only reads and saves content that is explicitly and directly sent to the app, nothing else. You'll notice we don't ask for permission to read your Slack messages or email addresses of your users, we don't need it.

The permissions requested for the app have been reviewed and approved by Slack and are the absolute minimum permissions required for the app to work.

Is my team's data safe?

Your data is encrypted at rest with AES-256, block-level storage encryption, and cloud-hosted by Heroku. You can read their security policy here.

You can read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

Have a question that isn't listed? Email us at support@cheersly.club